Visual IT Technologies

We are specialists in the deployment of hardware and software solutions on mid range architecture.
With a strong depth of knowledge on all mainstream software, hardware platforms and configurations, we are
able to advise our clients on the most cost effective solutions available.

Server Consolidation

Server consolidation services from Visual IT Consulting help organizations assess, design, deploy, migrate and manage an IT infrastructure that requires fewer servers-helping to reduce hardware,software, maintenance, administration and energy costs.

Highlights of Server Consolidation :

arrow Reduces the number of servers in an infrastructure to help lower costs.
arrow Creates an IT infrastructure designed to support greater
business flexibility.
arrowImproves resource utilization for potentially higher returns on investments.

Business Impact Analysis

Visual IT Technologies helps you identify the critical functions of your business without which your organization would have a critical impact. Our Business Impact Analysis helps you identify what they are and educate you how your organization will be impacted.

In our Analysis a function may be considered critical if the implications by stake holders who are concerned about damage to the organizations results and are regarded as unacceptable. A function may also be considered critical if dictated by law.

For each critical (in scope) function, two values are then assigned:

arrow-2Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – the acceptable latency of data that will be recovered

arrow-2Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – the acceptable amount of time to restore the function

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