Backup & Recovery Solutions(TSM)

Do you have an intelligent data storage management solution that can easily grow with your increasing data storage needs? Today’s businesses need to be able to react quickly, without having to worry if their storage solution will scale up to meet increased data storage requirements or be incompatible with a particular application or platform.Backup and Recovery

Visual Technologies provides consultants with expertise in The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager’s backup and recovery solution. It is a centralized, comprehensive solution that employs smart data movement and smart data store technology that makes backups and restores as fast, flexible and low-impact as possible. The IBM Tivoli suite of storage products supports more than a dozen OS platforms, a variety of network connectors and more than 500 offline storage devices.

Business needs can be met using the various types of backups and recovery strategies that Tivoli Storage Manager offers. These range from progressive incremental backup of files, to sub-file backup, to volume level backup, to backup sets, to open file backups, to on-line backup of databases and applications, to bare machine recovery backups.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack adds block-level, incremental data protection for critical Windows application servers, eliminating the need for ‘backup windows’, and provides near-instant restore of any data assets, in any location, from any previous point-in-time.