Company Background

Welcome to Visual Technologies

Visual Technologies was established in 2005 to provide a total solutions integration service for clients nationwide. We specialize in IBM pSeries enterprise architecture running AIX. We provide installation, maintenance and support services on all Systemp/pSeries IBM hardware and IBM AIX based software products.

’24x7x365 support contracts with either onsite or remote support’

Our success is built on service delivery. We offer 24x7x365 support contracts, with either onsite or remote support depending on the customer requirement. As a business partner, we are able to provide competitive hardware quotes for servers and storage. We can be truly a low cost service provider who is committed to deliver goods with the highest quality standards.

Recent Hardware Installations:

Industry Type
Government – DOR
Leading Bank(2nd Largest Banking Institution)
Retail Pharmacy Giant
Government – Liqour Control Board
Government – DOT

IBM P520, P570, P595, NetApp Controllers, Filers, SnapVaults and HMC
IBM Power6 590, 595, EMC(SAN), HMC,
Power7 (780, 770, 750), Power6(570, 595), HP Blades, X86, EMC(SAN), VMWare ESX Server, HMC
16-Way IBM Power7 770 Server, Power6 595, 590, Hitachi (SAN), HMC
IBM p570, EMC Symmetrix(SAN), HMC
IBM P590, 570, 550, EMC Symmetrix(SAN), HMC
IBM Power7(780, 770), Power6 595, 590, EMC SAN, HMC
Power5 570, Power5 55A, Power5 520 Express, IBM DS Storage, HMC
Power7 770, Power6 590, 570, IBM SVC(SAN), HMC