Make wireless networks perform at the highest service levels

While the opportunities for telecommunication service providers continue to see a massive upside, they will require significant investments in terms of building capacity to deliver services to customers. In addition to network investments, telecoms should continue to focus on creating business efficiencies and streamlining processes.



End-to-end wireless services from consulting to design, benchmarking and commissioning.



3rd level security clearance to carry out services at federal, state, and defense establishments.



Expertise with products & devices from multiple vendors: Ericsson, Nokia, Kony.

Wireless Engineering Solutions

- Effective Project management, staffing and training solution

- Network performance improvement and cost-effective operations

- Expertise in spectrum analysis, bid preparations and network design

- Site survey for the optimal wireless signal

- Expertise in both Macro and Inbuilding network design

- A systemic approach to network performance, vulnerability and security

- Analysis of network audit data comprising device location & capacity

- Network performance analysis and visualisation for high efficiency

- Systematic approach to optimization comprising – requirements, planning, implementation, and monitoring

- Service quality monitoring, investigative drive test, in building walk test

- Outdoor and indoor data collection using TEMS, Nemo and other tools

- Detailed coverage analysis: in-building, in-vehicle, on-street



One of the largest teams of Functional Programming and Fast Data engineers focused on creating customized high-performance solutions.

We will partner with you to develop the perfect software for your needs. Since we have experts in various technologies, toolkits, and programming languages, you can rely on us to form the best team to work on your project. Our team has worked with clients from all over the world and are therefore quite flexible to working in different time zones. We are quite open and honest about what we do and how we do it and keep you looped in at all times.

Enterprise Network Solutions

Transform enterprise networks and data centers leveraging software defined solutions and cloud computing.


Enterprise Networks & collaboration

  • Network Transformation leveraging Software Defined Networking
  • Mobility & Enterprise Networks assessments & audits
  • RF Site Survey, Design & Implementation of WiFi
  • WiFi / Cellular Core Networks Integration.
  • Cloud Managed Wi-Fi
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Data Center and Cloud Computing

  • Public/Private/Hybrid Clouds Design & Consulting
  • Data Center Plan, Design, Implement & Migration
  • Workload migrations to/from Hybrid/Public Cloud
  • OpenStack / Docker based Deployments
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Enterprise Network Security

  • Securing Network & Infrastructure
  • Securing Governance and Operations
  • Securing Identity and Access
  • Cloud Security
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